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The Bible

Use Cait's Bible Curriculum for the Preschool Years.Most curriculums simply offer one Bible workbook if they offer any at all. However, with Cait's Curriculum most of the workbooks and activity books intertwine Biblical references, and or Christian values throughout.

Cait's Curriculum also comes with a Character Study and devotionals. Scripture posters are included for weekly memorization.  The activity workbooks contain a version of "Cait's Bible Adventure TM" -- Your child will enjoy playing this challenging game which tests their knowledge of the scripture they have been learning throughout the year.

Why Have Bible in a Preschool Curriculum?

The preschool age is such a vital time for you and your child when you'll lay not only the foundation for learning, but for moral and Biblical training as well. For this reason, Cait's Christian homeschool curriculum incorporates Biblical teachings, morals and values along with the educational skills they'll need to prepare their hearts and minds to enter Kindergarten.

Your preschooler will enjoy laughing, singing, crafting and more while learning basic preschool skills with a Christian emphasis. With so much outside influence, it's never too early to start imprinting scripture upon the hearts of your children. My hope for you is that you will enjoy the "fruit of your labor" as you utilize our homeschool preschool curriculum which was born out of a labor of love for my daughters as well as my desire to pass on a Christian Heritage to them from the start.

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